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  • hrd to remote hrd rig control

    A fellow ham is trying to allow me to remotely operate his rig as I have a sensor chip embedded in my chest after my last stroke to monitor my heart, and being physically close to the antenna, anywhere from 10 feet to over 50 feet, will overload the sensor and scramble the data that is sent each night to the monitoring station via internet transmission. I have tried as low as 3 watts QRP, and it still interferes with the sensor. We have set up RCFord remote software and I can control his TS590SG, and wanting to do digital modes. Can I use HRD to control his rig remotely with him running HRD controlling his rig at his end? Can HRD be configured to remotely control another running instance of HRD? I checked the past postings and did not see anything covering this.
    John, kd8paf

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    Guess this can be closed as no one can answer the question. We have tried every idea including vsp, com-0-com, port forwarding, etc with no luck.


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      The short answer is yes. HRD has a built in remote server. For this to work HRD must NOT be running at the rig end, just the remote server. But first turn it on in HRD at Tools>Programs>Remote Servers making a note of the port it is using (usually stick with the default). You can then close HRD. The remote server runs as a service, you don't have to start it every time.

      At the remote location, open HRD and select/connect remote for the radio entering the network address of the host station and the port in use together with the radio details etc. After connecting you should now have full control of the remote radio. However, you will still need to pass the audio between the 2 ends. I and others use Skype but this does mean having 2 Skype accounts one for each end. You will also need to have an old version of Skype at the rig end because the later versions of Skype do not permit auto answer (unless someone is at the rig to make the connection for you).

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      Mike G3YPP
      Icom IC-7600 Firmware V2 - SignaLink USB interface
      Rig interfaced to Pentium Dual Core CPU E5400 @ 2.7GHz 2.7GHz running Windows 10 Home 64 bit. 8Gb RAM
      Office computer for remote access to shack - Pentium Dual Core CPU E5400 @ 2.7GHz 2.7GHz running Windows 10 Home 64 bit 8 Gb RAM
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        Thank you, Mike G3YPP, we knew it had to be simple, nothing we tried would connect. So we weren't configuring it correctly.