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New ICOM 7300 - error message when try to connect

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  • New ICOM 7300 - error message when try to connect

    I am using HRD which I just updated. I just got an Icom 7300 and when I try to connect, I get an error message that my subscription is expired. Do I need to renew my HRD subscription in order to be able to use my IC-7300 with HRD?
    Tnx de Arnie W8DU

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    I would suggest contacting HRD support.

    I had a similar issue once and they took care of it while I was on the phone with them.

    73, Bob / WE8R
    Robert / WE8R
    Kettering, Ohio


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      I received the same message after upgrading from the Icom 7100 to the Icom 7300 last month. I reached out to Customer Support and since I don't have the maintenance agreement and haven't had it since the initial purchase four years ago I was told I had two choices, either pay the $49 or look to the forum for any help. Does anyone have any suggestions or am I screwed with the program unless I pay the maintenance fee, kinda reminds of the ransom wear. 73 de Bob k7qbw


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        Try this:

        73 Morris wa4mit


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          In the parlance of HRD adding the support for the IC-7300 to the program was most likely an "enhancement" ... "Bug" fixes are free, "enhancements" cost ... It's been clearly stated as policy for some time now ... It won't stop you from using the program, just not with the 7300 ... as far as the nag screen they should be able to tell you how to get rid of that without paying ... $49.00 for four years isn't a bad deal and you get four years of enhancements ...
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          Ron, W3RJW

          HRD v6.4.0.780
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          Access Data Base
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            Thanks Morris, that's very helpful. I printed that off and will check that out tonight when I get home from work. 73 de Bob