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FTDX5000 CW Keying

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  • FTDX5000 CW Keying

    I would like to share some information with other users. First of all, HRD is an awesome program with huge number of features. However, even after reading the manual several times the one issue that had me stumped for a few days was how to key the transceiver on CW. My configuration is a laptop with Win8.1, RTsystem’s USB-63 USB cable (FT5000 driver loaded) and a Prolific USB to Serial cable purchased at Best Buy. Although others are recommended, this configuration has worked flawlessly since I used it a few years back as W1AW/9 using the N1NN Contest Program. The Serial cable requires a transistor between the DB9 and the keying plug. See attached drawing originally from K1EA’s CT logging program booklet. I added a ferrite bead on each side of the circuit.
    1. Before you begin, determine the COM numbers of each cable. CONTROL PANEL – DEVICE MANAGER – PORTS
    2. Next click on DM780 – PROGRAM OPTIONS – MODES+IDS . Enable the SERIAL cable for CW and check DTR and RTS.
    3. On the FT5000 set MEM 34 RTS to Enabled and MEM 67 DTR to enabled.
    That should do it.
    Jerry, W9KTP