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    Is there a way to get a the number of contacts made. For instance can you do a search for all cw contacts and see how many contacts are in your logbook for that particular search or can you determine how many total contacts you have in your logbook?

    Thanks in advance

    Tom K9VER
    Thanks, Tom K9VER

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    In the lower right corner of the logbook grid pane are 3 fields which show you the current subset selection, current layout, and number of records. Just perform the filter and look at that box.

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      Yes. Total number of contacts is shown in the lower right-hand corner of the Logbook window.
      In the HRD Logbook - for total QSOs in CW, click on "Filter" then check the box next to "Field", Then from the dropdown lists next to Field, select "Mode", "contains" (or "equals") then enter cw. The logbook should then display all your CW QSOs, and show the total number in the lower right-hand corner.

      Note that it will try to search between each click, so just give it time to do its thing between each one.
      Ed - W4ELP


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        Thanks for the help.. Just what I needed
        Thanks, Tom K9VER