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Home location and satellite tracking wrong?

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  • Home location and satellite tracking wrong?

    When I enter my location use my grid (EM13na) it puts my home icon (home location) in the wrong hemisphere. My location is roughly 33, -96, but HRD enters the longitude as 96, thus putting it in the East instead of West. I changed the longitude to -96 and it looks correct on the map.
    I also don't understand the graphs for the next passes. These appear to be off by one hour when compared to AMSAT predictions. I have my time set to UTC. The graph, for example, shows "Thursday 10:14" above a future pass, but he X-Axis goes from 09:10:00 to 09:36:00. That same pass on AMSAT goes from about 10:00 to 10:30. No documentation makes it hard to figure out.

    I did enter a ticket, but hope to get some advice from my peers.

    Dennis WA5LXS

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    Quick ticket response from the HRD support folks. My tracking problem was solved by setting Satellite to Local Time in the Format tab and leaving my Logbook set to UTC.


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      Same problem here, but changing the time format from UTC to local does not fix it. I have only the satellite tracking application executed, not logbook or HRD main.
      Some idea of how to fix it ?


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        Seems I solved the problem.
        When I introduce only the locator into the station data, the program does not locate home correctly. When the lat/lon is included in addition to the locator, home appears in the right place. Buff!