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HRD and YAESU FT-920

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  • HRD and YAESU FT-920

    Since one year I report one bug with HRD and Yaesu FT-920 in drop-down buttons speciality in Mode button and TX button, when I press to change mode the radio change ok but on the HRD stays always in LSB any mode I change no effects on HRD stays all times on LSB.

    HRD press any mode and HRD stays on LSB and Radio change to mode selected

    HRD press TX and Radio goes transmitting mode, press TX again noting happens and should back to RX

    since I buy HRD I can't use my radio normally, I must have 200% attention on radio because this bugs its a stress pay attention to radio all times.

    I think not renew my licence of HRD when this bugs are corrected
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    Hello, 2 years ago I had made the same remark with a ticket, memory response, we did 920 to do the testing!
    I hope that this bug will be resolved quickly, it is true that it is painful to always see LSB displayed.
    I do not renew for 1 year because of bug, there I think to do the same not to renew!
    At worst I leave the resort all night if they need it is not a problem, I have teamviewer on my PC. That would be cool as this is solved the FT-920 is still a good post and it still very used.
    I think we are not the only users of the FT-920, it would be good if the others this manifests too!


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      Hi Dr. Michael Carper, any development about this bug I post here?


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        Hi, any new development about this bug I post here?


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          I submitted a ticket also for the FT-920 CAT issues mentioned here. My ticket was closed and I was told that they knew about the bug but that the developer was very busy and they were unable to tell me when it might get fixed. It doesn't worry me too much in the cat control program but I don't like the idea that only ever shows me active on LSB !!!