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    What I am missing in HRD is functions like worked squares map, and most wanted squares (MWS).

    MWS in for instance vqlog can be set in this manner: I can choose the band the radius from my QTH and get a list of non-worked squares.

    In Vqlog you can also get a map of worked squares or lists. Per band if you want to, and per continent.

    Is this something that can be added to HRD?


    73 de SM7SJR, Bjorn

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    Hi Bjorn,

    It would appear that you are already using something other than HRD to track your grid squares. You may also wish to look into Johan - WG7J's applications at

    Here's an example of 6M grid squares that I've worked while chasing the Fred Fish Memorial Award (FFMA)


    Jon Pearl - W4ABC

    Jon Pearl - W4ABC

    Rig: Icom IC-7851
    Interface: microHAM micro KEYER II
    Amp: Alpha 6M 8406


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      Ok I am back again. Considering moving back to HRD. Currently using VQlog. Which is not being developed so I am looking for something else. But before I pay support for HRD again. Can it do something like this:

      I do not believe I need to say more, this pic says it all, right?

      73 de SM7SJR


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        Ok I am back. Have bought the support again. I hope you guys can add some more functionality for VHF and above work in HRD?

        See my post above in this thread. Please take a look at that jpg, I think it says a lot.

        And in the DXcluster window I can see if a call is needed and if phone, cw and so on. I would like to have here also needed grid, for 6m and up. Is it doable?

        If you were to add these thinsg I am sure you will have a lot more customers, the VHF hams are devoted and will pay I'd say, if they get these things.

        73 de SM7SJR, Bjorn