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Controlling the IC-910H for doppler.

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  • Controlling the IC-910H for doppler.

    Hello guys.
    I'm asking from owners of IC-910H help.
    I have tried to control my TRX followed by manual and help(puts TRX in SAT mode) but only can to control RX, TX freq. HRD is not sent to TRX.
    I do not have problems with others Sat. tracking programs(Like SatPC32 and HalloSat).
    I have use trial version6.3.0.440
    I have find that manual is not updated also.
    I have tried in RX only and TX only modes, in RX only mode I can to track any sat. beacons.
    In TX mode nothing works.
    - That's NOT HAPPENS!

    Please anyone, small instruction "How to track sats with Icom IC-910"

    Best Regards.
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    Somebody have IC-910 TRX???
    Any owners ?????
    Thanks for the help.


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      I have a 910H as well and have the same problem. I am trying to figure it out as well.

      Rick KH6SAT


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        I have registered this bug twice and never had any feedback on the issue. its not just the 910, any ICOM radio has this issue.. or I should say every ICOM radio..


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          not a bug, you have to check manual tuning.. operator error. Get with support and they will show you. Tim is working on Sat manual now.

          we have to flip VFOS since those radios dont have the new VFO B commands.