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  • Error At Start-Up

    When I start up this program, I get a pop up error message as seen here. After closing the error box message the program seems to run just fine. But what is this error all about and should I fix it. what is not working?

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    The Satellite program is attempting to connect to the HRD Rig Control program. If you are not going to control the rig with the Sat Tracker application you can ignore it. Otherwise, you need to start HRD Rig Control and make sure the TCP/IP server is listening (under Tools).
    Rigs: IC-756 Pro III, IC-9100 [full options], IC-706MkIIg
    Interfaces: microHam MicroKeyer II & Station Master & USB3 - DSP-2232, PK-900 Full Mods, PK-232MBX/SC/USB and HK-232MBX/SC/USB
    Rotors: HyGain T2X W/Idiom Press Rotor EZ & Yaesu G-5400 W/GS-232
    PCs: i7-4770 Quad Core @ 4.03 GHz, W/32Gb Mem, 256Gb RAID 1 SSD Boot & 2 Tb Raid 1 Storage Drive, dual 28" Monitors
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    All Running Win7 Enterprise 64 Bit - MySQL for Database
    I also use a KA9MOT SDR Pan Adapter using the RTL2838 Dongle for my IC-756 Pro III