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    The different use of satellite logbook for validation by LoTW and e-qsl. What is the rule? I explain I made a QSO on AO-85 in downhill VHF UHF FM climb in my log I put the rising frequency UHF what seems normal to me, SAT mode, name Sat. I sent my log to LoTW and e-qsl. QSO some are not validated by LoTW and e-qsl, the cause is simple because some corresponding valid in the log backward QRG VHF is the reception frequency and the contact is pa validated by LoTW and e-qsl.
    y question is how, is there a rule of use?
    Thank you's 73 HNY
    Ham Radio Deluxe sortie

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    If I understand your question correctly, you are wondering why some QSO's are not validated in LoTW (and eQSL). You believe this is because the other station shows the uplink frequency and you show the downlink frequency (or vice versa) in the corresponding fields.

    If you look here: LoTW does not support the two different frequencies the full ADIF file format does. While the data may be in their database, they do not allow the fields to be extracted and viewed (if in the DB). In fact LoTW does not support the frequency at all. Just the band. The satellite is available.

    If you are putting the uplink frequency in the transmit and the downlink in receive that would be correct. This question may may be more for the ARRL than HRD.

    I could not find similar information on eQSL.
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      Hello James,

      Thank you for bringing me information, it is clearer because I thought that the frequency was taken into account, in fact it's the band. fine, thank you I read the additional information by following the link. Om really thank you dear. I wish you my best wishes for you and your family. Good traffic 73's
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