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FTDX Cat Rotator support?

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  • FTDX Cat Rotator support?

    I have a G-800DXA and a FTdx-3000 with the Mini-DIN cable between the radio and rotator controller. I have FTdx cat rotator control working fine in PSTAzimuth. But not with HRD. With no other apps running on the PC Rotator loads right up and connects but fails to work.

    How does the software access the rotator via the radio? At that point I figured the rig control must be running. But that didn't work either. I used the DDE monitor and no rotator data is being shared? This begs the question... How does the rotator app access the radio/rotator controller?

    I've read the manual but it's very outdated in the rotator section. Is there any documentation or previous posts? What am I missing?

    Thank you,


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    open a ticket with the support group and they can help you with this...


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      Ed, did you ever find an answer to your question? I have the exact same set up (and most current version of HRD and Windows 10) . . . . I am able to control the rotator via the HRD Rig Control (RT ST, CW and CCW buttons), but not from the HRD Rotator program. When I submitted a ticket to HRD, they told me they didn't know if HRD Rotator would work via the CAT connection . . . Will I need to install a USB interface card between my PC and G800DXA control box to get HRD Rotator to work?


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        Which one on my techs told you that . Of course it works. I wrote the code


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          Ticket # 693836


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            Just ran into another Ham on the FTDX3000 page on FB. He is also unable to get things to work with this set up. The code apparently is no longer working :(


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              I have the exact same setup, FTDX3000 and the G-800DXA and the rotator works fine when controlled by the Yaesu radio but not from HRD Rotator program.
              The HRD radio control program works fine with the radio but the Rotator program when set to Yaesu Cat does not work.
              I have placed a ticket #120989 but cannot check the status as I cant get my log in to acknowledge registration.
              Any help would be much appreciated!

              Details as forwarded onto HRD support are shown below.

              I have a Yaesu G-800DXA controller and rotator connected directly to my FTDX3000 with the Yaesu rotator cable. The FTDX3000 is connected by USB to my home PC running Win 10 64bit. HRD works well over the USB to the radio but the rotator will not function as commanded.

              I am only using the rotator app to point the antenna in the direction for DXing not using it to track satellites. The rotator will not operate from the app on command and only occasionally rotates to full overlap cutout without receiving a command from me.

              I have looked at the log file and cannot see any cat commands issued​​ and logged. Only shows an initialization of a yaesu rotator to azimuth settings which are beyond the G-800's operational specification. I can drive the rotator from the FTDX3000 directly using the assigned buttons and it reads the direction and degrees of change perfectly!

              The USB connection is using COM Port 7 and Silicon Labs Dual CP210x USB to UART Bridge (Enhanced) and it allows great radio rig control but the Rotator App is not working with the Yaesu Rotor Cat​​ selected for operation.

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                Well, not sure where support is with the bug fix, but I ordered and installed the RotarCard from IdiomPress in my 800DXA controller box. Using that to interface with my PC is now allowing my rotator to be controlled by HRD Rotator . . . unfortunately, at a cost of $170 :(


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                  When I recently purchased HRD I did so believing the Rotator Program would work with my Yaesu FTDX3000 using cat commands. It seems I was mislead by the claims made for the product on the HRD website!

                  I'm hoping a fix for whatever the problem is with the software will soon be posted and a update made available.

                  It would also be nice if HRD could provide an explanation of why the program does not function as advertised and supply an estimated fix date!


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                    HRD support contacted me today regarding the cat control problem within the Rotator application. It seems they are working with Yaesu to discover and fix the problem and are hopeful a fix will be coming soon.

                    Thats great news as I purchased this program specifically because of its great rotator application function and the simple connection of a cable direct from the radio to the rotator. Simple and elegant rotator control from the HRD software application without any other 3rd party hardware required. Soon to become a reality, thank you HRD support!


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                      found it, dont know if it will be fixed before dayton but will try