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Has anyone succesfully got ftdx1200 + cat to usb working?

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  • Has anyone succesfully got ftdx1200 + cat to usb working?

    hi guys,

    second post. Thought i would word it differently. I have ftdx1200 connected to laptop using the ftdi rs232 to usb cable which is recognized in hrd rig control but i am unable to get it working. Someone out there must know the correct settings. Please help!!!!!


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    I know it's not exactly what you are looking for but I used HRD with my FTDX-1200 and the matching SCU-17 USB interface without any problem. That radio & interface is in a box now (a backup) as my main radio is an IC-7300. So perhaps I can help if you tell me what is happening. ex. did you set the baud rate properly in the radio and software? Do you have the right cable (not the crossover as I recall)? Have you tried to use another software app with your interface (to see if it's an HRD setting or the interface/radio)?


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      I realize that this is a few months old, and probably solved. However I have successfully used several cables to get CAT working on my ftdx1200. The only issue that I ever had was (as mentioned by W4AFK) when the TX/RX pins were crossed-over. I have used both a home-built cable and two different USB-RS232 cables successfully. With a USB-SERIAL cable, once you have the right driver loaded in Windows, the only thing I had to do was match the baud rate in HRD and the rig. I run mine at the max, 38400.