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  • Windows 10 Remote control

    Hello i need some help . I have the latest version of HRD and Win 10. I m trying to configure Remote Station. But the configuration file of the remote server i can't save not. Please help me ....

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    I suspect you need permission to save the file to the folder. Best thing to do is save it to your desktop and use Windows Explorer to copy the file to the HRD folder. You'll be asked for permission to save it, click OK and you should be good to go. The other option is to change the permissions on the folder but that is not recommended.


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      I have had a problem with the remote server in the new version. It simply says pending start and does not actually start up. I would recommend going to an earlier version of HRD (555 works for me) and try again.


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        Thank you but this version is not supporting my radio


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          I have the same problema. The windows service don''t start.
          Windows services return 1053 error.
          Do you have any news about this problem ?
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            I had a problem until I updated Windows 10 to the "Creator" release. Then the service started working.