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How to remove HRD and install clean version?

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  • How to remove HRD and install clean version?

    Yesterday, I upgraded to Windows 10 x64. I want to remove the old version HRD, but I can't.

    I try:
    - Revo Uninstaller
    - I deleted catalog C: \ Users \ user… \ AppData \ Roaming \ ...

    and still remember the old program settings and key free (I bought HRD last week.)

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    If you are upgrading from version 5.x to version 6.x you should get a clean install as it installs to different folders. Otherwise manually remove the earlier program from program files (x86) as well as %user%.appdata/local and /roaming. I could help you if needed via skype or team viewer.


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      I have tryede also to uninstall HRD on a friends computer and i did the same thing even after I did the manually remove after i have used Revo Uninstaller it rembers everything also the key.

      It was also on a windows 10 x64 pc maybe a bug in the uninstaller in HRD there need to look into Crew HRD


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        I've written a bit on this in the past, but generally...

        I'm not a big fan of these 3rd party uninstallers or registry cleaners.

        Always backup your log first.

        Key things to check... look in Add/Remove programs. If there is more than one HRD in there, keep uninstalling them until they're gone. Then remove the folders is "\Program Files (x86)"

        The reason why this can exist is because of the various install programs that have been used through the years... and way back seven years ago and forward.

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          Windows 10 update just trashed my computer so I re-installed my Windows 7 OS which never gave me any problems. I installed a new copy of HRD and now the install is asking for a four block license key. The only key that I have is one that starts with hrd00xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. How do I get the new copy up and running?