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HRD V not connecting to Flex 6500

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  • HRD V not connecting to Flex 6500

    I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and HRD V When trying to connect to my Flex 6500 I show a connect on my SDRCat to a port. HRD goes through all of the ports and speed but does not connect to the port that it found. It working fine using the latest version of 6.3. Now I can't find the 6.3 to go back to.

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    Please email me at directly and I will help you with an older version. I cannot see your answer to me in the private posts.

    Steve VA3SF


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      You should not connect the HRD control program to a FlexRadio. Use MiniDeluxe or DDUtil instead, as HRD doubles SmartSDR.
      You can also look for my tutorial in the FlexRadio forum:
      73, Alex-DH2ID
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