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  • Startup Problem

    Running Windows 10 and current version of HRD -

    After HRD has been off for a day, and I try restarting by double clicking the desktop icon, nothing happens (apparently). However, if I start Task Manager and look at the processes, there is now a process running for HRD. Just nothing is happening on the desktop.

    If I stop that process (using Task Manager) and then double click the desktop icon again, then HRD starts up and runs normally. Initially right clicking on the icon and using "run as administrator" doesn't help. I've set all the security properties for the executables to allow full access.

    This happens with a couple of other Ham related apps: N1MM+ and DXBase. Everything used to start up correctly a few weeks ago. I suspect a Win 10 update caused this to happen, but who knows.....

    Any suggestions? Thanks and 73, Rod/w7zrc

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    For What its Worth Win 10 Pro and all updates plus HRD as well as N1MM etc. all start form desktop icon at this end . o issues sorry cannot help Jacques
    Transcievers: Icom 7300 - USB (v1.14)
    Accessories : BY-1[Bencher] - KT-1 [Kent straight key]
    Antenna: Various dipoles

    PCIntel i3 3.3GHZ - 16GB Ram - Seagate expansion 1To external backup
    Canon Printer and QL700
    PC Software: Win 10 Pro X64 - MS Office. Avast. Meinberg NTP 4.2.8 . MariaDB.
    Ham Radio Software : HRD ver - N1MM - MTTY -FLDIGI - WSJT-X - 1.8.0 rc1- JTAlert 2.10.1
    Memberships: REF - ARRL.
    DXCC : Mixed - CW - Digital.
    WAS : Digital.


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      I have seen that on other programs, and I think once on HRD. I suspect it is the fantastic beta OS called Microsoft Windows. In other words, just do what you are doing because M$ will probably say it is a "feature". It may be possible for some process shut down code to be added to HRD, but with several modules and many operating styles/requirements, it may be out of scope.