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FAQ downloads acces denied ?

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  • FAQ downloads acces denied ?


    For information.

    I was trying to access the FAQ and dowload some PDF, but my access keeps being denied despite having registered etc .

    It worked when I first went in, and subsequent acces yesterday and today were denied .

    Tried to re-register but will not accept since it states thta I am already in the sytem.

    Thanks Jacques
    Transcievers: Icom 7300 - USB (v1.14)
    Accessories : BY-1[Bencher] - KT-1 [Kent straight key]
    Antenna: Various dipoles

    PCIntel i3 3.3GHZ - 16GB Ram - Seagate expansion 1To external backup
    Canon Printer and QL700
    PC Software: Win 10 Pro X64 - MS Office. Avast. Meinberg NTP 4.2.8 . MariaDB.
    Ham Radio Software : HRD ver - N1MM - MTTY -FLDIGI - WSJT-X - 1.8.0 rc1- JTAlert 2.10.1
    Memberships: REF - ARRL.
    DXCC : Mixed - CW - Digital.
    WAS : Digital.