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New management policy and new radio, now looking again.

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  • New management policy and new radio, now looking again.

    Due to HRD changes over a year ago that broke 80% of what I started using using HRD 3 for (yeah, I know, OLD), I stayed at Beta Now I see a management shakeup has taken place, plus I have a new radio that makes those changes rather moot.

    Three questions.

    1. How well were the IC-7300 controls implemented, and how well do they work? (really two questions in one)

    2. I understand ADIF stating that numbers go into SRX (or STX) and strings go into SRX_STRING. But several years ago someone at HRD got the idea that meant Field Day responses like "1E UT" were suppose to be broken up into SRX = "1" and SRX_STRING = "E UT". They got kind of rude when I tried to point out that just because a string starts with a number does not mean the number is a second response. Has that been fixed yet?

    3. Does anyone have any knowledge as to the ability of to correctly install over Or should I wait in case I was one of the blacklisted folks because I complained about HRD?


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    Thanks G4NVB, I think I will wait and see what happens based on the ADIF still not being fixed. Hate to plunk down more money for support that never happens.



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      The 7300 controls were functional, but compared to the K3 controls, the K3 is more complete. Some of the 7300 controls interact so that making the two act the same isn't possible.

      My 7300 is for the RV and FD use, I use the K3 most of the time, even remotely.

      You *should* be able to install the latest over the previous without issue; but make sure you back up your critical settings (and log).

      You can try it for free for a time.
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        Originally posted by G4NVB
        Just tried something different; if you enter 59 001 1E UT it will save it in the format you require.
        <stx:3>001 <stx_string:5>1E UT
        Yes, I have tried that G4NVB, but it is a pain when you are trying to go fast and have to stop to add a workaround for idiot programming on each QSO.

        When I get time I am going to image my computer and install the latest version, then see if it is worth paying to get the "customer support" again.



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          After reading the latest note from management about the upcoming 6.4 release, I waited for it to hit the field and installed it. It worked as did the older version I was using with the note that to get the IC-7300 update I had to renew. So, paid the renewal.

          I now have a working (partially tested) IC-7300 panel (no more changing the CI-V address between programs!).

          I also tested the ADIF transfer and it has been fixed, with one minor error (used full HRD export).
          example 1 : 18A UT is correct in S*X_STRING as 18A UT but S*X has 18 (minor error, but do not think it is critical and may be needed for other contests/operations)
          example 2 : 66 has no S*X_STRING and S*X has 66 (as expected)

          Now to see what of the myriad other issues that were inserted after the ownership change are fixed, but the biggest and hardest to work around issues for me are now fixed.

          Thanks to those who gave some input to my initial queries.

          EDIT : Oh, forgot to turn on the radio first, love that new auto power on feature for the IC-7300!

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