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  • QRZ info issue

    First, my subscription is still good. Second, I have sent this to QRZ too.
    Today I noticed that MI0LLG did not pull name and country across to the log book when I logged him in.
    So I double clicked on the call sign in the logbook and hit "Lookup" Normally that pulls in all the missing info.
    Today it didn't.
    When I go to QRZ and type in his call sign, Everything is there on his page.
    When I type in his call sign in the "Lookup" tab you get basic location and no name or city.
    When you type in his call sign in the Lookup tab and then hit the QRZ button, everything appears in a QRZ window.

    So, if all this info is in QRZ, why is it not getting pulled over into the "Lookup" tab or the logbook when I log a QSO??

    When you type in other call signs, everything populates as it should.



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    Hello Bob,
    I have the same problem since this morning, i looked for everything but nothing found.
    The testlog file gives me a hint that my subscription is not valid, but it is valid very sure.
    I donŽt know if this is a QRZ problem, or something in the script of HRD must be corrected.
    Reinstalling HRD does not solve my problem.
    Yesterday all was fine.

    Best 73



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      When you type another call sign, if it's one already in your Logbook, it will populate. Pick someone you have not worked from the DX Cluster and you will see it still comes up blank.
      I changed to in my lookup sequence and demoted It's slower, but works for the time being.

      And these postings are taking forever to update as well. So much for the new Google servers.

      Windows 7 Pro (64bit) on a Dell 755 Duo with 4Gb RAM and 120Gb Kingston SSD
      2 - Dell 1708FB Digital HD Monitors (Rig Control on left and Logbook on right)
      Current version of HRD unless I see problems with it.

      ICOM IC-7410 to HRD via USB (on AS 6-Pack)
      ICOM IC-7000 to HRD via USB (currently mobile)
      ICOM IC-718 to HRD via Serial (on AS 6-Pack)
      ICOM IC-745 poor guy doesn't know what USB, HRD or CAT commands are (on a center-feed wire via LDG AT-11)

      Diamond X-50 at 35' for 2m & 70cm
      Mosley TA54-XLN-6 (7 elements) @ 30' for 20m thru 6m (WARC included)
      M2 6m5-HP @ 35' for 6m (+2 S-Units over Mosley and lower noise levels)
      Inverted "V" @ 30' for 40m & 20m
      Center-Feed Longwire for everything else
      Little Tarheel II Screwdriver for 80m thru 6m mobile using West Mountain TARGETuner

      LDG Electronics AT-11 Automatic Tuner (for IC-718)
      MFJ Electronics MFJ-901B Manual Tuner (for IC-745)

      Array Solutions 6-Pack Antenna switch (2 radio inputs & 6 antenna inputs)

      Yaseu D800SA Rotor controlled by HRD via an Easy Rotor Control (ERC) adapter card

      I upload to eQSL & HRDNet automatically in HRD. LoTW, ClubLog, DAILY and send my cards to the Bureau MONTHLY.
      Why doesn't everybody do this? It's so much easier than having to work through hundreds (or thousands) of log entries once or twice a YEAR.

      Licensed in April 1973.
      Retired July 2011.


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        Here is what I got from HRD.

        Sorry for the QRZ outage. We had a DNS issue with our server. QRZ lookups should be working now, if not by morning at the latest.

        It seems to be working now.